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There are many ways to create artwork, but there are a few Golden Rules to follow to ensure your artwork is presented in a compatible format and saved correctly - so we can print the best possible result. Below we have created some simple guidelines to help you through what can sometimes be a technical maze. We have kept the jargon to a minimum and all of this is based on our experience and knowledge of what is possible in the real world. In addition to the text, there are downloadable PDFs with easy step by step information in each section.

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Supplying Artwork

1. Supplying for us to Design – Text and Image Files

This is for those who want us to design a document for them, the basic information we will need is text and images. Microsoft Word is the basic tool for supplying text or data, but other text based programs are usually ok. Images need to be the biggest file size possible; a small file size equals low resolution (poor quality), these need to be added as attachments to your email or saved to USB/disk. You can download the PDF below.

2. Sending us Artwork - The Basics  

Everyone today works from Adobe PDF, this is the industry standard. Most professional software programmes including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark as well as some of the Freeware programmes such as Canva, have the capability to save a PDF file within their programme, therefore you do not need Adobe PRO. What you do need to know is how to create print ready files, before you save a PDF. This includes; adding bleed, crop marks and checking the images within the file are all CMYK - all this and more is in our Sending us Artwork – The Basics PDF, please download the file below.

3. Creating and Supplying Artwork - Advanced

This document highlights some information about the advanced features available to enhance your design, to ensure that when you save your PDF, it will print superbly - please download below.

4. Sending your Files to us – Email or Transfer  

If your files are under 10MB you should be able to email them as attachments. Please note, although we can receive fairly large files, your service provider might not let you send them! If this is the case, split your files over several emails and name them in the subject matter of your email. For large files (10MB plus or if you are having problems attaching via email) use either WeTransfer or Dropbox both basic versions are free and easy to navigate.

Supplying for us to Design

Supplying for us to Design  Download

Sending us Artwork – The Basics

Sending us Artwork  Download

Creating and Supplying Artwork – Advanced

Creating and Supplying Artwork  Download