The Finishing Touch

Once work has been printed, there are several other processes required before the work is complete, these processes are collectively known as Print Finishing. Some tasks, for example trimming and packing, occur with every job; but others such as laminating, foiling, cutting or creasing are optional extras to add a special touch to make your printing stand out. We have a full range of specialised finishing equipment and most importantly the skilled crafts people to turn your ideas into reality. Below we will explain some of these popular processes however, as always; we are here to help expand on this.

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The Finishing Touch Explained

Some popular finishes we offer in house

Metallic Foiling

Gold, Silver, Copper, White, Sky Blue or Pink, the range of Metallic foils are never ending. Let us help you achieve your dreams; perfect for Invitations, Wedding Stationery, Sales Brochures and Promotional Items.


Available in matt or gloss in sizes up to A1; laminating produces a top quality finish ensuring print items are smooth to touch. Semi-durable but not water resistant, for something robust see encapsulating below.


Differs from lamination, the document is fully enclosed with a clear seal on the outer edges. This gives documents added protection and is ideal for Menus, Signs and Outdoor use. Sizes up to A0.

Round Cornering and Machine Shape Cutting

Using our 1963 Heidelberg Platen we can cut, crease, punch and number pretty much anything that can be printed on, up to sizes SRA4. We make a cutter for your shape and use the platen to cut the shape from the printed material.

Padding and Fan apart Gluing

Pads are still very popular and are a flexible, cheap technique of binding paper together. Fan apart gluing; which when used with carbonless paper, creates sets rather than NCR (no carbon required) pads.

Folding, Scoring and Collating

Magazines and Newsletters can be swiftly converted from printed sheets into a complete booklet through our 20 Station Collator, this rapid machine collates, staples, folds and trims in one pass. This keeps our rates low for one of our most popular printed items.

Hand Work

If you have read this far and not found your preferred Finishing method, see our bindings page or please contact us. We are pleased to discuss new ideas and our team are keen to use their hands to transform a simple flat sheet of paper, into something magical!

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